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Ma Muse

Photographed from the left: Porter Rasmussen, Penny Rasmussen

Photographed from the left: Porter Rasmussen, Penny Rasmussen

I have always been obsessed with fancy soaps, but this new adventure in soap making was truly inspired by my deep appreciation for healing essential oils and my love of natural handmade products by real people in real markets. Each unique creation is a reflection of the cities I have lived in, the places I have traveled, and the people that I love.

Mister Porter and Miss Penny are my company's namesake because they are the best of both worlds. Porter is a male 5 year old Brindle Great Dane. Penny is a small, 1 year old female, something or other (rescue). Whenever my husband and I are out walking them we get comments about their striking differences. They are two extremes. Porter is 150 lbs, with majestic brindle stripes and long strides. Penny is 22 lbs of scruffy, electric energy. Though they contradict each other, they are my yin and yang. My shadow and my brave lion heart. From big floppy ears to a tiny curly-Q tail they are the best of both worlds. I'd like my product to be the best of both worlds for you too... Resilient but gentle. Romantic but masculine. Sweet but stable. 

Hopefully, you find a bit of welcomed juxtaposition in every bar of my handcrafted soaps. Enjoy!



Handcrafted by Yours Truly

I personally make all my soap using CPHP which is also know as Hot Process. Hot Process is a soap making technique that cooks the soap a bit longer than in traditional cold process soap making. This speeds up saponification (process that creates soap from treating vegetable oils, animal oils or fats with a strong alkaline solution) and cuts the curing time down to one week before use. I never use tallow or animal fats in my soaps. I also substitute palm oil with vegetable shortening often and label those soaps PALM FREE. I use the same core ingredients in every batch with a few additions here or there for lather, bar hardiness, natural healing remedies, colors, etc.


I love making hot process soap because it has such a rustic, natural look. It's the furthest thing from the bar of Irish Spring (not judging!) in your shower and you actually know what you're slathering all over your worldly temple each day. That's important to me and hopefully it is to you too!

Core Ingredients:

  1. Olive Oil- 30%
  2. Coconut Oil- 30%
  3. Vegetable Shortening or Sustainable Palm Oil- 30%
  4. Rice bran oil-10%
  5. Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
  6. Sodium Lactate
  7. Distilled water
  8. Essential Oils 

Favorite Additives:

  • Activated charcoal powder (clears skin of surface toxins)
  • Spirulina (superfood that is very nourishing)
  • Tea tree essential oil (great healing remedy)
  • Rose Kaolin Clay (acts a mini clay mask for your skin)
  • Raw honey (hydrates skin)
  • Goats Milk (creates a great lather, hydrates skin)
  • Poppy seeds (natural exfoliant)
  • Oatmeal (natural exfoliant)
  • Coffee (natural exfoliant, natural scent)
  • Dried lavender (natural exfoliant, garnish)
  • Beeswax (hydrates skin-used in my lotion bars)